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ESIS Awards

  • The Griffith Medal
    The Griffith Medal is dedicated to researchers who have performed outstanding research in the area of fracture; this includes classical fracture mechanics, as well as numerical analyses and simulations. For example, the work to be selected could deal with new methods of analysis or experiments, including effects of environment and temperature; or with application of existing methods to new problems, such as novel materials/material systems and others.
  • The Wöhler Medal
    The Wöhler Medal is dedicated to researchers who have performed outstanding research in the area of fatigue. For example, the achievements to be chosen may deal with micromechanisms of fatigue, including novel experimental approaches and modeling; predictive tools for fatigue life and others.
    Recipients of the foregoing awards are preferentially members of ESIS; exceptions require special justification.
  • The Award of Merit
    The Award of Merit honors members of ESIS who have contributed outstandingly to the success of the Society; as an example, possible candidates could have performed successful long-term work in Technical Committees.
  • Honorary Membership
    Candidates for Honorary Membership are not necessarily members of ESIS; they are leading experts in structural integrity.
  • ESIS-Elsevier Young Scientist Award
    The Young Scientist’s Award is dedicated to best contributions at ECFs, as selected by the Awards Committee. Young scientists who have not reached the age of 37 years on the first day of the ECF meeting may apply for this award. They should submit their application including the manuscript for the conference and a CV to the conference chairperson who will then distribute this material to the Awards Committee. The material must be submitted with the conference paper according to the submission date for papers. It should be noted that to receive the award, the researcher must make a presentation at the European Conference of Fracture. He/she must be the first author of the paper. In the case of co-authors, the application should include a signed agreement of all the co-authors supporting the nomination of the Applicant for the Award. There may be as many as two awards.
    This award is being given as an encouragement to younger researchers and in support of their careers. The award will include a certificate and 1000 € for first place and 500 € for second place.
    It should be clear, that the award will only be given if there is a deserving individual.
    This award is supported by Elsevier, Ltd.


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