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ECF History

Russian flag ECF 19 Kazan, Russia, Aug 26-31, 2012
  Fracture Mechanics for Durability, Reability and Safety
German flag ECF 18 Dresden, Germany, Aug 29 - Sep 03, 2010
  Fracture of Materials and Structures from Micro to Macro Scale
Czech Republic flag ECF 17 Brno, Czech Republic, Sept 2-5, 2008
  Multilevel Approach to Fracture of Materials, Components and Structures
Greek flag ECF 16 Alexandroupolis, Greece, Jul 3-7, 2006
  Failure Analysis of Nano and Engineering Materials and Structures
Swedish flag ECF 15 Stockholm, Sweden, Aug 11-13, 2004
  Advanced Fracture Mechanics for Life and Safety Assessments
Polish flag ECF 14 Krakow, Poland, Sep 8-13, 2002
  Fracture Mechanics Beyond 2000
Spanish flag ECF 13 San Sebastian, Spain, Sep 6-9, 2000
  Fracture Mechanics: Applications and Challenges
Flag of the United Kingdom ECF 12 Sheffield, United Kingdom, Sep 14-18, 1998
  Fracture from Defects
French flag ECF 11 Poitiers, Futuroscope, France, Sep 3-6, 1996
  Mechanisms and Mechanics of Damage and Failure of Engineering Materials and Structures
German flag ECF 10 Berlin, Germany, Sep 20-23, 1994
  Structural Integrity: Experiments, Models and Applications
Bulgarian flag ECF 9 Varna, Bulgaria, Sep 21-25, 1992
  Reliability and Structural Integrity of Advanced Materials
Italian flag ECF 8 Turin, Italy, Oct 1-5, 1990
  Behaviour and Design of Materials and Structures
Hungarian flag ECF 7 Budapest, Hungary, Sep 19-23, 1988
  Failure Analysis – Theory and Practice
Dutch flag ECF 6 Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Jun 15-20, 1986
  Fracture Control of Engineering Structures
Portugese flag ECF 5 Lisbon, Portugal, Sep 17-21, 1984
  Life Assessment of Dynamically Loaded Materials and Structures
Austrian flag ECF 4 Leoben, Austria, Sep 22-24, 1982
  Fracture and the Role of Microstructure
Flag of the United Kingdom ECF 3 London, United Kingdom, Sep 8-10, 1980
  Fracture and Fatigue
German flag ECF 2 Darmstadt, Germany, Oct 9-11, 1978
  2nd European Colloquium on Fracture
French flag ECF 1 Compiegne, France, 1976
  1st European Colloquium on Fracture


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