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Kim Roger Wilhelm Wallin, VTT

The evolution of brittle fracture modelling on a time scale

Kim Roger Wilhelm Wallin Kim Roger Wilhelm Wallin has been a Research Professor at VTT since 1993.
His most significant scientific achievements, have been connected to the theoretical modelling of brittle fracture and to the development of new engineering applications, above all in the context of the so called "Master Curve" methodology. His research has led to a global change of the whole principle of brittle fracture assessment and has also given novel insight about the failure mechanisms in the case of ductile fracture. The Master Curve test procedure development led to an international test standard (ASTM E1921). The standard, presently with more than 800 scientific citations, is the direct product of Kim Wallin’s research work. The Master Curve is considered a major development in fracture mechanics. The Master Curve is presently a key investigation topic both within the nuclear community as well as within other industries dealing with critical structures (off-shore, shipbuilding, pressure equipment etc.). The cumulative financial impact of the research, solely to the global nuclear industry, is of the order of hundreds of millions of Euros, partly from cheaper and more reliable test methods and partly from the reduction of excess conservatism and increased usage of the plants.


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