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Presentation Guidelines

Opening and Closing Lectures: 40 minutes including discussion
Plenary Lectures: 40 minutes including discussion
Keynote Presentations: 30 minutes including discussion
Oral Presentations: 20 minutes including discussion
ePoster presentations: 5 minutes short oral presentation without discussion, maximum 3 Microsoft PowerPoint slides or PDF pages. Paper poster is NOT required.

Please use broadside format. Text and lettering must be large enough to be readable for those sitting in the back rows of the lecture room. You can ensure this by using font size 18 pt. for normal text, 14 pt. for legends and 12 pt. for lettering in text. Illustrations should be as great as possible and please do not forget to letter your illustrations sufficiently. Videos should be embedded in the PowerPoint file. If you have a colored background, richness in contrast is particularly important. You can get a first impression of the readability of your document by looking at it from a distance that is seven times as long as the longer side of it.

Please notice that there are two ways to submit your Presentation

  1. Submission of Presentations prior to ECF20
    Submission of the presentations by PreseriaTM web application. Each presenter will be invited by email to upload the presentation files. Please follow the instructions in the email to get registered in PreseriaTM and upload your file to the relevant session. Any requests or inquiries can be delivered to us by replying that email. All the presentations uploaded can be viewed in “Author Preparation Room” before the session starts. Generally this is the recommended option to deliver your presentation files, in case you have difficulty performing this way, please deliver the files on site. There is wifi access in whole campus.
  2. Submission of Presentations at ECF20
    Delivery of presentations in the “Author Preparation Room” by a Windows compatible USB flash drive or Windows compatible CD-ROM. Please take care that you deliver your presentation not later than two hours before your contribution starts. Cable internet access is not available in the “Author Preparation Room”.

Opening hours of the ECF20 "Author Preparation Room":

Day Hours
Monday, Jun. 30, 2014 8:00—17:00
Tuesday, July. 01, 2014 8:00—17:00
Wednesday, July. 03, 2014 8:00—18:00
Thursday, July. 04, 2014 8:00—18:00
Friday, July. 05, 2014 8:00—11:00

Please contact in all regards concerning the presentation and submission of your contribution.


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