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Summer School on Fracture Modeling and Assessment

28th ‒ 29th June 2014, Trondheim, Norway

Fracture mechanics is constantly finding new applications, while its importance in traditional fields remains firm. However, utilizing its full potential is becoming increasingly challenging. Although simple textbook presentations of the field are important to present the general ideas, thorough knowledge of the underlying mechanisms and available tools to make advanced analyses are necessary to make the most of the technology and assess the real significance of the results. As a response to this an ECF summer school will be arranged for the first time, with leading scientists presenting different aspects of the field of fracture mechanics. The summer school is mainly aimed at PhD students, young scientists and engineers, but is naturally open to everybody. Participants will become acquainted with general aspects, emerging fields and recent practical applications of fracture mechanics. The program will contain lectures on topics regarding fracture fundamentals / mechanisms and computational fracture mechanics. Also, the emerging field of multiscale modeling of fractures will be addressed. Finally, there will be a comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art regarding fracture assessment of pipelines.

28th June, 2014
08:30-12:30Fracture Mechanics and mechanisms essentialsAndré Pineau
13:15-17:15Computational fracture mechanicsWolfgang Brocks  
29th June, 2014
08:30-12:30Multi-scale modeling of fractureWilliam Curtin
13:15-17:15Advances in pipeline fracture assessmentErling Østby

Registration before March 01, 2014    Participation fee 2000 NOK
Registration after March 01, 2014        Participation fee 3000 NOK

Registration deadline 31st May, 2014.


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