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map over europe showing cities with direct flights to Trondheim. The cities are: Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Nice, Barcelona, Alicante, Murcia, Malaga, Las Palmas,Tallin, Riga, Vilnius, Gdansk, Krakow, Dubrovnik, Corfu and Antalya.

Situated in central Norway, Trondheim is easily accessible whatever your choice of transportation. By plane you will land at Trondheim's modern airport at Værnes (32 km from the city).







Transportation from the Airport
Two airport bus companies are present at the airport. They both go to the city center. The ticket price is NOK 130 (return: NOK 220).Credit cards are accepted.

NettbusThe bus named Airport-bus Nettbus (blue/white) runs every 15 minutes.



Vaerness-ExpressVærnes Expressen (grey) runs every 20 minutes from the airport, and is recommended when going directly to the conference venue (Stop: Gløshaugen Syd).

The taxi fare from the airport to the city centre is approximately NOK 800.Most hotels are located in the city center.

If you come by train you can relax and look at the unique Norwegian countryside. If you are coming from the south of Norway you can drive through the majestic Dovre Mountains. Another special way to visit Trondheim is by the coastal express which will give you a chance to experience Norway's special and beautiful coast. Further information at:

The hotels are located in the city center. The conference venue is at Gløshaugen Campus.

How to get to the venue (Gløshaugen campus):
WALK: The campus is approximately 15-20 minutes walk from the city center.
BUS: Buses on route number 63 (Kongens gate ‒ Strindheim direction) leaves from the the center of Trondheim, intersection Munkegaten/ Dronningensgate (K2) every 30 minutes, and takes 10 minutes to NTNU Gløshaugen campus, busstop Gløshaugen Syd. The fare is NOK 50. Cash payment only. See Bus Timetable
TAXI: Taxi from the city center will take 5-10 minutes and will cost approximately NOK 80-120. Credit card is accepted. To book a taxi, from an international phone: +47 930 07373, local calls: 07373



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